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All I’m trying to do is take a nice nap and everyone keeps entering my room. This shit wouldn’t happen at my girlfriend’s house

I want a cute girl to cuddle with and give soft kisses to right now. Is that so hard to ask?

When I see cute couples and hot sex on my dash, I just want to light myself on fire and cry.

I wasn’t meant to love anyone, at least not now.

Let’s move the fuck on.

I’m not cut out for this world

Why is it that when it comes to liking a certain person, I always get hurt in the end? Like, no matter what I am always crushed, heart torn, shattered to pieces. Even if that person is in a relationship and I KNOW what to expect and I KNOW that I am gonna get hurt in the end but I still get badly hurt.
Why me of all people? Am I not a good enough person? I sometimes think I deserve all this pain for some reason. That I’m always alone. That I’m so fucked up in the head. Somewhere along the lines, I deserved all of this.
I just don’t belong anywhere. No one ever wants me. I am never any ones choice.
I’m gonna be alone forever. It’s a given. Times like these, I just wanna give up living.

Please don’t look for me. Please don’t be concern for me because lets face it, no one really cares about me. I’m just a stranger on the internet.


birthday sex, birthday sex

not getting any birthday sex

I’d fuck you all night long until the neighbors call the cops on us because your screams from orgasm was too loud

i love you babe

said no one to me ever

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It’s been a long while since I laughed that hard

and it was my own mother that is responsible.

I need to get some friends.

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