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I think the most terrifying thing about the whole Malaysia Airlines ordeal is how does a plane just disappear


Finally somebody said it

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This whole Malaysia airlines thing reminds me of Lost

I am ready.

I’m ready to pack up & move out of this wretched town. This town holds painful memories and unforgettable tears. I’ve had my heart broken way too many times within the confines of this bedroom. I’ve experienced the pain, I’ve felt the darkness wrap it’s arms around me. 

I am ready to move far, far away and leave everything behind. I have nothing left holding me down. I shall start anew. Make new friends, make new enemies. See the stars and create new adventures. Explore the unimaginable, discover the wonders of life. Rebuild my damaged heart. Learn to care & love again.

 I am ready.

Watching Lost cuz I’m hella bored

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I finished Lost last night.

I almost cried.

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I’m so fucking pissed.

My favorite characters on Lost got killed! And they just got reunited a few episodes ago! I’M SO FILLED WITH RAGE!

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