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"She drinks to kill the pain.
I write when she encourages mine."

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Procrastinating on sleep because I don’t want to sleep alone

When I get sleepy, I find myself wanting you here with me so that I can bury myself into your arms and kiss your jaw as I’m about to fall asleep.
But the thought of someone else already claimed that right tears me up inside and I wind up falling asleep sad and empty.

it’s ironic how i tell people to stay strong and hope for a better tomorrow 

when really suicide is on my mind

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It’s been a long while since I laughed that hard

and it was my own mother that is responsible.

I need to get some friends.

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The sad thing is I’m used to be so alone

and having the important people neglect me :\

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Everyone: Get a life

Me: I’m trying. Nobody is letting me into theirs

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i think the real reason why i sleep super late

is cuz I seriously procrastinate on sleeping

i’m a lonely sleeper :(

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