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  • Brother: Set up a sleeping schedule so we know when not to bother you.
  • Me: How about you don't bother me at all

I’m not fucking 5 years old, mom. The only person I want to “snuggle” with in bed is a cute girl I want to have sex with one day. GO AWAY.

I hate Uncharted 3. WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO KILL THE ENEMIES?!?!?!?!? I keep dying!


I hate my tenants so much. Their full of excuses and they act like a bunch of immature bitches. They are way older than me and I act more mature than them. Fuck

Totally forgot how obnoxiously annoying and a dork I am around friends. But it seems to make them happy so i guess it doesn’t matter :’)

The only good thing out of yesterday was when my brother was getting mad because of our dumbass tenants, my dad mentions how I put up with one of our previous tenant that was bipolar & annoying and I dealt with her bullshit for 2 years and handled it pretty well.
That was nice.

  • Me: I'm gonna start making paper stars
  • Brother: Where's the off button to this?
  • Me: Ow! Why are you poking my back?!?!

Mentally creating a list of people I wanna punch in the face

  • -Me listening to Second And Sebring by Of Mice & Men
  • Brother: Turn that skrillex off
  • Me: It's Of Mice & Men! Dumbass
  • Brother: Oh, I love that movie!
  • Me: -______-