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October 15, 2013 (Part 2)

I hate my body. You hate yours. Lets make love to each other so our hatred can create something beautiful.

-Part of my letter to you


I was nothing to you. Why do you still infect my thoughts. You are like a beautiful disease eating away at my soul.



I still wanna go on a cruise to Alaska and see the northern lights

I may be over you but I still went on your facebook to see if there was a picture of you in a prom dress. Considering that tonight is our school’s prom. 

I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you looking stunningly beautiful one last time.

Guess that’s not gonna happen.

If i date a girl with scars on her arm

I would kiss each & every one of those scars and tell her she’s beautiful

because I know the feel of the blade against your skin, the burns you get while in the shower and having to wear a sweater to hide your cuts so others won’t judge you.

Believe me, I understand. 

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The sky is looking so gorgeous

Oh how i’d love to go to the beach right now and watch the sun set

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