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  • Me: I really want to go to a A Day To Remember concert but I don't have money, a ride and friends
  • Dad: -Laughs- Why not take Jaymee?
  • Me: She's not into the music that I'm into
  • Dad: Oh, that crap music
  • Me: WHAT CRAP MUSIC?!?!?!?!

whaaaa it’s not fair

I wanna go to A Day To Remember’s concert w/ BOTH Issues & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!



Chunk! No, Captain Chunk has a new jacket & it’s a varsity jacket!



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I need more blogs to follow.

Any good blogs out there that like piercings, tattoos, post-hardcore music like A Day To Remember, Confide & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ?

(Source: natashiyaa)