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All the cool people live too far away and all the shitty people live way too close to me.

Whenever I talk to my friend Jaymee about weed & shit, I try to be cool by sharing what i know about it but she just ends up correcting me and saying, “You’re so cute” or “You’re adorable.”

And I’m just like, “Damn it.” -____-

So a few days ago, my dad & I passed by this really cool car dealership where they sell classic cars. 

And instantly I wanted to buy one just because.

Looking at their website and looking through the Cadillacs, my brother said that they are the most comfortable car to ever ride in.

I now sorta want one so I can have crazy, dirty sex in it ;)

I want A Day To Remember’s Homesick album cover in a poster form

Because the artwork is sick

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My cousins barely getting into smoking hookah

Ha! Where’ve you been? Playing with your dick?

Smoking hookah was a last year thing.

This year is smoking weed.

Get with the fad, bitch. 

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