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The more times you shut your feelings out for someone, the easier it gets.

I keep having dreams about this girl I used to go to school with.

Is it because she has the same name as the girl I currently like only spelled differently?

So when I tell him that I’ve been shutting my feelings out for this girl that I’ve been crushing on for over a year now (I have perfectly good reasons why too) he just tells me, “Well I’m gonna stop talking to you.” But it’s perfectly ok for him to be a whiny, pussy ass bitch and keeps telling me that the girl he really likes hates him over and over again when clearly she doesn’t?!?!?!

How is that fair?!?!

I haven’t even received the package yet and already I’m acting so stupid right now just because of the way she wrote my name and that she drew a heart next to it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW.