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The more times you shut your feelings out for someone, the easier it gets.

I keep having dreams about this girl I used to go to school with.

Is it because she has the same name as the girl I currently like only spelled differently?

So when I tell him that I’ve been shutting my feelings out for this girl that I’ve been crushing on for over a year now (I have perfectly good reasons why too) he just tells me, “Well I’m gonna stop talking to you.” But it’s perfectly ok for him to be a whiny, pussy ass bitch and keeps telling me that the girl he really likes hates him over and over again when clearly she doesn’t?!?!?!

How is that fair?!?!

I’m developing feelings again. Quick, someone punch me in the face

  • -Mom looks at most obvious zit on my face-
  • Mom: Uh, oh. Someone is in love
  • Me thinking: I better fucking not