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I’m developing feelings again. Quick, someone punch me in the face

  • -Mom looks at most obvious zit on my face-
  • Mom: Uh, oh. Someone is in love
  • Me thinking: I better fucking not

Thinking about your crush’s lips like


"We shouldn’t kiss. We have different views on what that is."

WAN; April 2, 2014

"When she would invite me to smoke with her, I could care less about what we’re doing. I just wanted to be with her."

LTN; March 21, 2014

can someone else cute and fucking adorable come into my life rn so I can stop liking the girl I currently like cuz she keeps breaking my fucking heart and I just want to be happy and appreciated for once :(

"I don’t want to smoke with you. I want to be the smoke responsible for giving you a momentary sensation of relaxation."

When you really like someone but they treat you like shit ughhhhhh

"She’s my inspiration even when she’s the reason why I can’t breathe."

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Haven’t talked to Mike in a few weeks and the first thing he asks is, “How’s your girl?”
No. Just no. Don’t call her my girl. She’ll never be mine. And second, she’s too painful to talk about, ever again.