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I’m walking up to face my enemy. A person from my past life. The one who changed me forever. Who damaged me in so many ways but also encourage to be a better person than they will never be. 

As I am walking up to them with only a few left til we’re face to face, someone stops me. They run to stand right infront of me. It’s my pretend girlfriend. She begs me not to talk to them. That they will “destroy” me again. But I tell her that I have to. She looks at me with understanding and worry in her eyes. She tells me to be careful follow by a gentle kiss on the corner of my lip.

She soon disappears from my eye sight, as I start walking towards my enemy.

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Good thing I ACTUALLY checked my Facebook today.

Otherwise, i’ll be running into a bitch that is at a mall I could of gone today.


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"Only enemies can speak the truth. Friends & lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty."

Stephen King

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