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A conversation with my brother

Brother: If you and a good looking guy was the last two people on the planet and it’s up to you to repopulate, would you do it?

Me: -Silent-

Brother: Geez, Tasha. Are you that gay?

my brother got mad at me and said, “For a girl with a vajay-jay, you’re a fat dick.” 

my brother called me a dyke for the first time tonight

I fucking hate my cousin so much. Ugh

I briefly just saw my cousin and he looks like a caveman omg

  • -Mom looking at my books on my desk-
  • Me: what are you looking at
  • Mom: I'm looking at what you're reading. Junk. Junk junk junks.

My mom likes to boast to her friends that I’m gonna be a doctor and I’m like, “Let me get my degree first, shit.”

My uncle just walks into my house without even knocking

I almost told my uncle, out of nowhere, yesterday that I was a lesbian. I think if I actually do tell him, I’ll film his reaction

  • Me: -taking out the garbage-
  • Mom: Be careful. Don't hurt yourself
  • Me: How can you hurt yourself taking out the garbage
  • Me: -trips-