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I can’t fucking wait to go to vegas next week.

i’m gonna eat sooooo much

I don’t sneak in candy bars & soda into theaters. I sneak in protein shakes & energy bars.

one of these days, i’m gonna go to my old hometown with a couple of friends, have a picnic in one of the parks there and basically explore and have wild adventures.

One day tho.

I can’t wait for the exploration to begin

it’s gonna be so fun

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I can’t wait to go back to vegas with just my brother & dad

But I do hope when we go back, i’ll be fit & sexy

so i don’t have to sweat my ass off in jeans & a tshirt

& instead wear a tank and shorts :3

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In the future, i think i’m gonna randomly send people packages/letters

Because in the future, money won’t be a problem for me

& who doesn’t love getting packages/letters?

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I don’t have friends that invite me to Halloween parties

So I’m spending the night on Tumblr.

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