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"You may have created my past and screwed up my present but you have no control over my future."

John; You Don’t Know Me by David Klass

You’re gonna want to stay on my good side. Trust me.

To My Future Girlfriend,

When we start spending nights together, please force me into sleeping early every night. Otherwise, I will stay up until 10 in the morning watching netflix. 

Love, me

I have a very great and bright future ahead of me.
Would you like to be apart of it? :)

why do i see myself giving more head than receiving 

Ignore this. I’m just being a lame gay ass

I talked to my boss today on the phone. And it was a little nerve wracking. She is basically my future. She’s tied to my ‘bright future’. Everything is soon to be set in stone.
She tells me that I would be dealing with people who have PTSD and that I would be helping them get their life back together.
It’s funny that she says that because I’m currently trying to get my life back together. I’m in the worst place I’ve ever been in my life this past year and I can’t help blame all those who left me for putting me there.
She then tells me that I would be perfect in helping those people. And I just can’t grasp that idea. My mind is in a different place. I’m no longer who I use to be. Therefore I can’t imagine myself being that important. Being that important to anyone.
I don’t know. My struggles seem endless. No matter how hard I try. But maybe it’s all for a reason. The struggles I’ve gone through will be for a greater reason. It’s to teach me so that I can help others later.

I don’t know..

Nobody knows this about me but if you confide in me, chances are I will never forget you.

Years can pass and if we’ve grown distant, I will probably still care about you and think about you from time to time.

Shitty friends from the past.

"Just watch my wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving”
Didn’t realize this was in Misery Business! It’s so relevant to my life right now. I have a great future ahead of me and none of it will involve any of the shitty friends I’ve had in the past :’)

To my future girlfriend:

If we have the same taste in music
I automatically give you permission to wear my band merch.
Because I already know you’d look super cute in my clothes.
And plus, it’d make me fall in love with you even more.