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Apparently to my brother, talking about a girl I like is considered sexual because of my sexual orientation but him talking about a guy who can’t control his jizzes isn’t because it’s news.

I keep having dreams about this girl I used to go to school with.

Is it because she has the same name as the girl I currently like only spelled differently?

I want to have the type of girlfriend where I’ll go to work and come home to find a bunch of pictures of her on my photo booth

My goal in life is to take pictures of a cute girl in dresses then eat her out after

I Don’t Even Know #3

She was sitting on a small brick wall that was a few feet from my house. I was kneeled down infront of her. She was wearing bright yellow shorts and one of my t-shirts. I look down at her thighs to see it covered with scars. Both of them drenched with faded scars from her past. My hands are on the side of her thighs. I can feel her eyes watching me as I stare. She starts to tense up a little. I lean down and kiss each of her thighs. Surprisingly, she doesn’t stop me or push me away. I first kiss her right thigh, then her left. I caress her thighs lightly with my thumbs. I then look at her. Her eyes were fixated onto me. A sudden noise from near by doesn’t take her attention away from me. I bring up one of my hands to the side of her face, caressing her cheek with my thumb. I then leaned in and our lips finally meet for the very first time.