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my dad saw my pictures on instagram and he told me to not tag my photos with lesbian because “it doesn’t look good”

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October 15, 2013 (Part 2)

I hate my body. You hate yours. Lets make love to each other so our hatred can create something beautiful.

-Part of my letter to you

I’m probably the only girl in existence that doesn’t like having big boobs

Mentally creating a list of people I wanna punch in the face

I don’t know why i like packing but I also hate it cuz when I do pack I feel like i’m bringing too much shit that I may not even need.

I’m gonna have such a hard time when I move

Just found out that pretty little liars is back today

I hate that show but i’m still gonna watch it

when you dream about someone you hate

why can’t i dream of someone hot & sexy for once?


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I’m tired of liking bitches.

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you’re back

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