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I want cute kisses and cuddles

with her.

Only her.

Pretty sure if we were to ever hang out in person, I’d look at her like she’s a masterpiece painting

I had a dream last night about her package. That’s how much it’s secretly killing me inside

She’s sending me a package for my birthday and I couldn’t be any more of a nervous wreck.

Pretty chill, laid back birthday.

But tbh, I would of rather just smoke, eat pizza and make out with her.

I kept waking up this morning and I noticed that ever time I do, she was on my mind even if I didn’t have a dream about her. Checked my phone and I got 2 texts from her. Weird.

I had a dream about her last night. I was with her and was trying to be poetic about her in my dream too. It went something like this:

It’s night time. She’s sound asleep on my bed. I lay next to her while playing a smooth, mellow song on my phone on a low volume. She’s actually awake because she tells me she loves the song I’m playing. I turn up the volume on my phone, and lay into her. The front of my body pressed against her back, my arms wrapped around her. She accepts my cuddle by not moving. I lean in and kiss her several times. My mother is somewhere outside my bedroom and I am not afraid of her finding us together.

Then later in the dream, we were together again. She calls me her lover and her best friend. I asked her if I’m her wife. And she said “Don’t push it.” I then hugged her from behind as we browse through instagram together. Then I started thinking, “Oh shit. She called me her best friend.”

Then I woke up.

"We shouldn’t kiss. We have different views on what that is."

WAN; April 2, 2014