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Laughing at my cousin because he’s barely getting into hookah and I stepped up to smoking weed.

Ha, loser.

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My cousins barely getting into smoking hookah

Ha! Where’ve you been? Playing with your dick?

Smoking hookah was a last year thing.

This year is smoking weed.

Get with the fad, bitch. 

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As soon as my mom leaves for the philippines,

I’m buying myself a hookah.

Since I don’t have friends to smoke with :(

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I can’t wait.

I’m gonna turn my garage into a small lounge for me and my friends.

Once my dad & I get rid of all that crap in there.

I’m putting a couch & hopefully a tv w/ cable in there. (Or I can just hook up my playstation 2 on it.)

But most importantly, I’m gonna buy a hookah and smoke in there while chillin.

Now all I need is friends.. my mom to leave.

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