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I’m done.

I’m tired of still feeling hurt by you. I’m tired of getting sad over you. I’m tired of you treating me like I’m nothing after we briefly shared something at one point. You lead me on and then abandoned me for someone who treats you like shit. It’s fucking obvious that I and probably everybody else treats you way better and you still can’t get that fact through your head. 

I’m so tired of writing you dumb letters that you’ll never read. I’m tired of hurting and suffering here while you remain completely oblivious to everything. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU.

You ass. I’m done.

I need to meet more cool people on the internet because one day I plan to send each person I’ve met a polaroid camera with some packs of film and ask them to take pictures of anything they like. And to send me back some shots that they’d want me to have. That’d be pretty neat.

Nobody knows this about me but if you confide in me, chances are I will never forget you.

Years can pass and if we’ve grown distant, I will probably still care about you and think about you from time to time.

I should quit the internet and get a life

I can actually see myself giving up the internet for a life one day

but until then, it’s all i have.

internet friends are sometimes so much better than your actual friends

because if you were to move away or disappear, their still there in your lives. no matter where you go