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So when I tell him that I’ve been shutting my feelings out for this girl that I’ve been crushing on for over a year now (I have perfectly good reasons why too) he just tells me, “Well I’m gonna stop talking to you.” But it’s perfectly ok for him to be a whiny, pussy ass bitch and keeps telling me that the girl he really likes hates him over and over again when clearly she doesn’t?!?!?!

How is that fair?!?!

I want cute kisses and cuddles

with her.

Only her.

I haven’t even received the package yet and already I’m acting so stupid right now just because of the way she wrote my name and that she drew a heart next to it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW.

God bless Novelists.

And Nichole’s face

Mike keeps pulling these sexual jokes about Gay Ass to me and he just doesn’t understand. Like, ugh. I don’t see her in that way even if that’s how everyone else sees her. I see her as something more. I like her cuz she makes me feeeeeeel. Ugh.