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  • Parents: What do you want to eat for dinner?
  • Me: A cute girl's cum

I seriously can not wait for the day where I can take cute couple pictures with someone :3

I just realized that girls who smoke weed and can roll blunts is such a turn on for me.

"We shouldn’t kiss. We have different views on what that is."

WAN; April 2, 2014

"When she would invite me to smoke with her, I could care less about what we’re doing. I just wanted to be with her."

LTN; March 21, 2014

"She’s my inspiration even when she’s the reason why I can’t breathe."

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Haven’t talked to Mike in a few weeks and the first thing he asks is, “How’s your girl?”
No. Just no. Don’t call her my girl. She’ll never be mine. And second, she’s too painful to talk about, ever again.