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there’s never enough lesbians

can lesbians have friends with benefits

is that even possible 

Gone home is such a good game but it lags on my brothers computer :(
Yayy for lesbians tho

Watching Sky Wtich right now

Not even a minute in and already i’m freaking out over signs of bubbline

Who killed Jenny Schecter?

More like Jenny Schecter killed me because she’s so fucking sexy omg. 

what’s weird is that ever since I got into the l word, it seriously blew any story i created in my head out of proportions.

Like, the stories the lesbians have on that show beats the shit out of any stories i can create from my own life

I just wish I could of gotten into this show sooner to help me realize that & to let go anything i was holding onto

why the fuck did I have to get into the l word

I want jenny & marina to be together so bad it hurts