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My brother was telling me his plans for when he becomes a millionaire business owner and I told him the only thing I want from him is an endless supply of weed.

Just spent $148 on band merch

No regrets!

  • Me: I really want to go to a A Day To Remember concert but I don't have money, a ride and friends
  • Dad: -Laughs- Why not take Jaymee?
  • Me: She's not into the music that I'm into
  • Dad: Oh, that crap music
  • Me: WHAT CRAP MUSIC?!?!?!?!

I can’t wait to start making really good money

because i’ll be able to buy all the band merch i want :3

I bought the Mitch Lucker shirt from Hot Topic today

I haven’t bought a piece of clothing from there in years

& all of a sudden, I wanna buy shirts from there again. wtf

There are times where i’ll see something I want while online shopping and I immediately want to buy it but I don’t have money at the moment then when I do get money, i don’t wanna waste it on what I wanted earlier.

so when I get a good paying job, I’m gonna store extra money in another account so if I see something I want, I can buy it instantly instead of changing my mind later and end up not getting it.

If my ‘future girlfriend’ has the same taste in music as me and I’m making good money

you best believe that i’d buy her any band merch she wants

& of course, i’d let her wear my stuff too :)

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When money is no longer a issue in my life

I’m gonna buy a new ipod 

and all the band merch i want.

Because my music deserves it.

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