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I wasn’t meant to love anyone, at least not now.

Let’s move the fuck on.

I should really consider quitting facebook. Not deleting it but just not go on it.

Every time I see you on my news feed, i literally jump inside. And when your face appears, my heart shatters all over again.

I just can’t take that anymore. I don’t dare delete you because I still remember looking for your facebook for 3 days just to find out your name.

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Oh, look.


The only decent picture of us together. Nothings changed for her cuz she’s still a shitty person but i’ve become a badass & dead sexy ;D

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I have no reason to be sad.

You were never really a part of my life.

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This niggah is over your hipster ass (which I should point out is a nice ass ;) )

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Life is too precious, darling.

Move on before it’s too late.

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