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  • -Mom watching A Walk To Remember-
  • Me: Mom, wanna know what happens at the end?
  • Mom: She die?
  • Me: No, he dies.
  • Mom: Who?
  • Me: Jack
  • Mom: Jack who?
  • Me: Oh this isn't Titanic?
  • Mom: No! Silly.

can vampire academy come out in theathers already so I can buy all the stupid merch their gonna sell at hot topic

So today I was playing Fallout New Vegas with this 3 year old boy i babysit and he saw vault boy for strength

He thought it was iron man.


The brain sees what the heart wants to feel.


Tony Robbins, Shallow Hal

The Half Life series would make a great movie trilogy

I think Tom is me.
We shall see tomorrow.

My brother wants me to watch 500 Days of Summer and wants to see if I can pick up on the psychological state of the guy

Should be interesting. I bet I’m gonna end up looking it up