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Asshole, I was sleepinggggg. Why do you only talk to me when you want something
the fuck -___-


I looked deep into her eyes and tried to understand what her soul wanted. I then knew what she truly wanted that even she doesn’t know.



I need more band merch


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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk has a new jacket & it’s a varsity jacket!



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I need to become close friends with someone who smokes pot regularly.

That way, if I wanted to smoke weed I can smoke with someone I trust.

RIGHT NOW, I know 5 people that smoke pot but I can’t be close with any of them.

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I wish Tumblr created their own mobile device, like an iphone

but it’s made strictly for tumblr.

And it has internet.

Because the Tumblr app on the iphone sucks.

It always crashes and bugs out.

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I need more blogs to follow.

Any good blogs out there that like piercings, tattoos, post-hardcore music like A Day To Remember, Confide & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ?

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It has:

Stuff you want.

Food you want to eat.

And people you wish to fuck.

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Scratch that. I want Lights.

Victoria Justice can sing me to sleep every night.


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