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I don’t care if she’s a gorgeous stoner babe with a fucking amazing body. Psh, does it look like I care? Nope.

The more times you shut your feelings out for someone, the easier it gets.

I know I have attachment issues but I realized today that I may be attached to material objects because when I get attach to certain people, they never reach my expectations of them even tho it’s not set really high. My only expectations is for them to pay attention to me. Since no one has never met those expectations, I always get disappointed and hurt. Therefore, I get attached to material objects like books and tv shows because they can never hurt me like people do.

apparently, i’m intimidating to those i once called friends even tho i’ve been told countless times that i’m “too nice” and allow people to abuse me.

hm, strange.

No matter what relationship I’ll ever be in, I’ll always be the dorky one.

If anyone cares

I almost went to the hospital tonight cuz I haven’t been getting any sleep this past week and I was having a psychotic breakdown

I sweared so much today. Geez, today wasn’t my day