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one of the options for this persuasive essay i have to write is to write it on my favorite political candidate and I wonder if anyone would notice if i choose leslie knope

I hate myself and the whole world so much but it seems like she’s the perfect distraction from it all.

people sure like to have dreams about me

I told my brother that I’m gonna buy him a night club and he said he’s gonna buy me my own medical marijuana dispensary. Oh my fucking god.

At this point, I feel like I’m gonna end up killing myself.

i want to take cute pictures of her smoking, damn it

I finally got around to reading Thirsty by Mt Anderson and a friend that borrowed it a long time ago said it was “the worst, most boring book” she’s ever read and I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a dumb idiot that doesn’t understand fictional reading and have any grasp of the intellectual level a novel can have. I can actually see why John Green recommends this book and how it could be considered a classic.

Apparently my mother got into a physical fight with her older sister and broke shit as usual.

And I’m over here like, “That’s right. Feel the wrath of my mother bitches.” Cuz I’ve lived through that my whole life.

Too many awful people in my life. I want to punch each of them in the fucking throat.

literally never thought i’d ever see Fatty and Gay Ass in one news feed