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I want to have the type of girlfriend where I’ll go to work and come home to find a bunch of pictures of her on my photo booth

I seriously can not wait for the day where I can take cute couple pictures with someone :3

I really wish I had someone I can send random text messages or pictures to showing them things I find interesting or what I’m currently doing. I really like it when people do that to me but I want someone to do it to that like it also and not find it annoying :c

If you call me cute, there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll stalk your pictures

I’m such a nice person on IG
I like everybody’s pictures and sometimes even leave a nice comment :3

My pictures on instagram are so gay

when i get a hot body

i’m so gonna take pictures of myself in sexy lingerie 

I’d also love to send them to my girlfriend, if i had one..

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I promise to not publish unless asked too ;)

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