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You know what sucks
I want to wear plugs, get facial piercings, dye my hair and get tattoos but I can’t because of the career path I choose :\

I think when I reach my goal weight

i’m gonna get a septum piercing & a lip piercing.

Don’t wanna get it now cuz i’m still chubby :(

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My mom is such a troll.

Me: You know -so-and-so has a belly button piercing?

Mom: Really? I want to get my belly pierced.

Me: O___O

Mom: And my lips pierced too.

Me: Does that mean I can get my lips pierced?!?!?! :D

Mom: NO! Of course not!

Me: -______-

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I need more blogs to follow.

Any good blogs out there that like piercings, tattoos, post-hardcore music like A Day To Remember, Confide & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ?

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