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Pretty chill, laid back birthday.

But tbh, I would of rather just smoke, eat pizza and make out with her.

It really doesn’t make sense that pot isn’t legalized in California yet. Do you know how much pot smokers are in Cali and how much profits can be made?

After a long day of cleaning & moving shit

you just wanna kick back, get high and watch some fucking Adventure Time

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I’d love to take a girl camping one day

Just me & her spending a night in the woods together

We’d sleep in a tent & it’d be one of those No-Technologies-Allowed camping trip.

It’d be such a romantic getaway. Because we would be focused on just each other, no distraction from the outside world. We’d be having deep conversations, lots of sex & of course smoking pot (only if she likes to smoke weed).

Ooh, i can’t wait.

I had a crazyyy dream last night.

I dreamt me & this girl was smoking weed 

& we got really high and I got really handsy with her which she liked


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Someone who smokes weed be my best friend.

I wanna smoke but don’t have anyone I can trust to get high with D:

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I took a nap earlier today

& I dreamt that I was smoking pot

When I woke up, I wanted to smoke 

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I need to become close friends with someone who smokes pot regularly.

That way, if I wanted to smoke weed I can smoke with someone I trust.

RIGHT NOW, I know 5 people that smoke pot but I can’t be close with any of them.

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