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New life lesson

If someone makes you sad, cut them out of your life. There are amazing people out there that would love to make you happy

I just want you guys to know that if you are hurting by someone you like or are having relationship issues, you can talk to me. I will tell you about my “love issues”. YOU GUYS CAN TALK TO ME. I will listen and give feedback if you want. <3

"You deserve better, Tasha."
I’m so tired of people saying this to me. NOBODY WANTS MEEEE

  • Brother: This fucking asshole with her girlfriend problems
  • Dad: Who?
  • Brother: You know who.
  • Dad: Tasha?
  • Brother: Yeah, her!
  • Me in my room: LOL

I swear, I’m gonna become best friends with a psychiatrist one day because who the fuck am I suppose to turn to when I have problems

Nobody knows this about me but if you confide in me, chances are I will never forget you.

Years can pass and if we’ve grown distant, I will probably still care about you and think about you from time to time.

I don’t know why i like packing but I also hate it cuz when I do pack I feel like i’m bringing too much shit that I may not even need.

I’m gonna have such a hard time when I move

I desperately need to see a psychiatrist

so hopefully my brother’s benefits doesn’t take forever