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I’m really curious. I keep seeing these really pretty crystals on my dash. what are they for exactly?

Someone talk to me while I babysit a 4 year old that doesn’t listen to me

Anons would be nice

The year is almost overrrrrrrr

anything you want to say to me, you better say it nowwwww

Talk to me guyssss :3

Haven't slept in 2 days, nows the time to ask me ANYTHING.

I’ll say anything when I’m sleep deprived

I need more awesome internet friends.
Talk to me guys!
I promise you I’m super nice :3

GUYS! Don’t be afraid to talk to me!

I swear, i’m like the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Because I generally care about people and stuff :3

Going to Laguna Beach today.
Thinking of making a video later
Leave me questions for a q & a
If not, I have a different idea so no worries