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can lesbians have friends with benefits

is that even possible 

I can’t wait for the day to be waken up in the middle of the night by a text or a phone call from my girl and I wouldn’t be embarrassed replying with giberish because i’m half asleep and the brightness of my phone blinds me

To My Future Girlfriend,

When we start spending nights together, please force me into sleeping early every night. Otherwise, I will stay up until 10 in the morning watching netflix. 

Love, me

I would of.

You say you’re nobody’s woman crush wednesday.
You say nobody treats you right.
You say nobody ever asks you to be their Valentine.
You say nobody will ever love you.
The thing is though, I would of.
If you’d noticed me.

October 15, 2013

"I was suddenly pulled into the past. She infected my mind like she use to everyday I liked her. 

I looked at my favorite picture of you that I have saved on my phone and it killed all thoughts of her. Your adorable, cute face brought me back to reality.”

- My letter I’ve written for you today

why do i see myself giving more head than receiving 

Go fuck yourself while I watch cuz your sexy

Chances are I’m that person you’d never expected to be. If I like you to the point that I care about you, then I think about you occasionally. I’ll like talking to you because you make me happy. I’ll loose sleep just to make sure you’re ok, even if it’s often. I’ll make you random cute stuff to make you happy or just because. I’ll keep an eye on you from afar, hoping you’d talk to me if you are in pain so I can take your suffering away despite if it’s temporarily.

Chances are, I’m someone you’d never expect to meet.

Sex in front of a fireplace? Yup, adding to my bucketlist.

"My world was filled with darkness
until she came along,
shinning some light into my dark abyss.
I started to believe that I
can escape this empty hole I’m trapped in.
Only it turns out she was playing
with the light switch all along."


(Source: natashiyaa)