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  • -Watching Dexter-
  • Debra: The only time I go to church is to go to a funeral, you know?
  • Debra: My mom, my dad....boyfriends, my sister-in-law.
  • Me: Sister in law? Who is her sis...AH FUCK. MY HEART. THE FEELSSSS

can someone else cute and fucking adorable come into my life rn so I can stop liking the girl I currently like cuz she keeps breaking my fucking heart and I just want to be happy and appreciated for once :(

"She’s my inspiration even when she’s the reason why I can’t breathe."

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"She drinks to kill the pain.
I write when she encourages mine."

(Source: natashiyaa)


If I truly wanted to, I could fill a moleskine with what I feel for you.

I just got into psych and I just find out it’s getting cancelled :(

I would of.

You say you’re nobody’s woman crush wednesday.
You say nobody treats you right.
You say nobody ever asks you to be their Valentine.
You say nobody will ever love you.
The thing is though, I would of.
If you’d noticed me.

I’m special and nobody knows that. Nobody takes the time to realize it.