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"A sorry isn’t a promise that they won’t do it again."


I want cute kisses and cuddles

with her.

Only her.

I Don’t Even Know #3

She was sitting on a small brick wall that was a few feet from my house. I was kneeled down infront of her. She was wearing bright yellow shorts and one of my t-shirts. I look down at her thighs to see it covered with scars. Both of them drenched with faded scars from her past. My hands are on the side of her thighs. I can feel her eyes watching me as I stare. She starts to tense up a little. I lean down and kiss each of her thighs. Surprisingly, she doesn’t stop me or push me away. I first kiss her right thigh, then her left. I caress her thighs lightly with my thumbs. I then look at her. Her eyes were fixated onto me. A sudden noise from near by doesn’t take her attention away from me. I bring up one of my hands to the side of her face, caressing her cheek with my thumb. I then leaned in and our lips finally meet for the very first time. 

Someone come here and fuck the sad out of me

My birthday is always lame and boring. And that makes me really sad :(

I hate when bands break my heart

  • -Watching Dexter-
  • Debra: The only time I go to church is to go to a funeral, you know?
  • Debra: My mom, my dad....boyfriends, my sister-in-law.
  • Me: Sister in law? Who is her sis...AH FUCK. MY HEART. THE FEELSSSS

can someone else cute and fucking adorable come into my life rn so I can stop liking the girl I currently like cuz she keeps breaking my fucking heart and I just want to be happy and appreciated for once :(