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writing my life memoir and its making me a little depressed but also happy to finally let it all out


God, Tasha. You’re such a lesbian.


Shit People Would Say To Me #1

I’m starting to feel like shit and the one person that can make me feel better, I can’t talk to because I have to get over her. Damn it.

I don’t know why i like packing but I also hate it cuz when I do pack I feel like i’m bringing too much shit that I may not even need.

I’m gonna have such a hard time when I move

A lot of good shit is gonna happen soon.

Kinda happy.

No one will see this, no one will care

suicide has been on my mind lately.

and after today, it’s no question that my life is shit 

anxiety & depression isn’t something you “get over”

don’t be surprise if i’m dead

it’s ironic how i tell people to stay strong and hope for a better tomorrow 

when really suicide is on my mind

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