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Asshole, I was sleepinggggg. Why do you only talk to me when you want something
the fuck -___-

  • Brother: Set up a sleeping schedule so we know when not to bother you.
  • Me: How about you don't bother me at all

Literally spent the whole day sleeping. Holla

  • Mom: I miss you baby, come sleep with me.
  • Me: Nope. The only woman I'll sleep with is someone who'll have sex with me.

My mom thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me sleeping and then send them to me -___-

Procrastinating on sleep because I don’t want to sleep alone

When I get sleepy, I find myself wanting you here with me so that I can bury myself into your arms and kiss your jaw as I’m about to fall asleep.
But the thought of someone else already claimed that right tears me up inside and I wind up falling asleep sad and empty.


Every morning
I wake up secretly wanting death.
It could be because
you have yet to exist in my life.
For if I woke up with you
next to me every morning,
it will give me a
reason to want to live.



Taking a nap and waking up all sleepy then jumping into a hot shower is the best feeling ever. I wish I could share this feeling with someone :\