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"When she would invite me to smoke with her, I could care less about what we’re doing. I just wanted to be with her."

LTN; March 21, 2014

"I don’t want to smoke with you. I want to be the smoke responsible for giving you a momentary sensation of relaxation."

I wish weed would be legalize already so I can go down to the store & buy some


today is such a lazy day for me

i don’t wanna do anything except sleep naked and maybe smoke a bowl

you’re welcome to join me ;)

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After a long day of cleaning & moving shit

you just wanna kick back, get high and watch some fucking Adventure Time

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I’d love to take a girl camping one day

Just me & her spending a night in the woods together

We’d sleep in a tent & it’d be one of those No-Technologies-Allowed camping trip.

It’d be such a romantic getaway. Because we would be focused on just each other, no distraction from the outside world. We’d be having deep conversations, lots of sex & of course smoking pot (only if she likes to smoke weed).

Ooh, i can’t wait.

One day,

I’d like to eat a girl out & then smoke a bowl with her after


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I would smoke weed whenever the fuck I want

But the only problem is,

I don’t know anyone I can trust to smoke with/score some weed from

Fucking sucks

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