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Weird dreams make excellent storytelling

  • Brother: If you were to give a girl a name that lived through vice (his term for pain) and struggles with life, what would you name her?
  • Me: Broken.

i wish tumblr had a draw my life thing

I’m thinking of writing a book.

My favorite feature about a person is their story. Whatever it is, I’m intrigued by it.

what’s weird is that ever since I got into the l word, it seriously blew any story i created in my head out of proportions.

Like, the stories the lesbians have on that show beats the shit out of any stories i can create from my own life

I just wish I could of gotten into this show sooner to help me realize that & to let go anything i was holding onto

If you knew all the shit some of my friends have put me through in the past years, it’d make you really sad

It makes me sad