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I literally fangirl when someone tell me cute things they’d do with me. It makes me super happy :3

2009 - First crush

"How you make life fun and full of joy. I love you so much. You make time fly by and make my heart warm. <3 As you fall asleep slowly while in my arms, I would kiss the top of your head gently, hoping my kiss gives you loving wonderful dreams. The love you give me from your loving heart keeps me warm. I have the cornest words of all time. But I try to show my dedicated love to you. I hate myself so much, for I is deeply and madly in love with you."

2013 - Current crush

"Your body is beautiful. Thinking about it drives me insane. I swear I just want to love you. Kiss every inch of you body, caress the parts you hate the most, leave kiss trails on your tummy to your thighs. Let me make you feel beautiful. I want to show you off. […] I want your body. I want your soul. More importantly, I want you to be happy, loved. […] Oh, darling. Let me kiss every scar created on your body. Let me trace them with my finger one by one so that I may feel the pain you felt when a blade once took it’s place there. I’ll count and memorize each scar. Then I’ll kiss each one every time we’d share a physical intimacy. Or everyday if I have too, to make you feel loved, appreciated."

October 29, 2013

I stopped writing her letters
but then I saw a new picture of her.
My heart started pounding
strong and fast deep within.
A familiar sensation.
I suddenly wanted
to write to her again.
Even after I told her

I was done.

October 15, 2013 (Part 2)

I hate my body. You hate yours. Lets make love to each other so our hatred can create something beautiful.

-Part of my letter to you

Chances are I’m that person you’d never expected to be. If I like you to the point that I care about you, then I think about you occasionally. I’ll like talking to you because you make me happy. I’ll loose sleep just to make sure you’re ok, even if it’s often. I’ll make you random cute stuff to make you happy or just because. I’ll keep an eye on you from afar, hoping you’d talk to me if you are in pain so I can take your suffering away despite if it’s temporarily.

Chances are, I’m someone you’d never expect to meet.


I looked deep into her eyes and tried to understand what her soul wanted. I then knew what she truly wanted that even she doesn’t know.



One time, I was talking to my friends ex about music and I told him that I listen to post hardcore music (I don’t know what to call it) and he said that it’s a turn on when girls listen to metal. Made me feel kinda special :3

my brother is so sweet

we went to a party today and he said that i was the prettiest girl there and that my style works


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