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You know what sucks
I want to wear plugs, get facial piercings, dye my hair and get tattoos but I can’t because of the career path I choose :\

I never look forward to a new episode of Ink Master

But fuck. Next week’s episode where season 2 cast comes back! I’m so fucking stoked.

AHHH, Tatu Baby is gonna quit?!

I think i’m the only person that wanted Mystical Mike to stay.

Cuz everything he says is so stupid & dumb that it’s comical.

wtf? Sarah should of went home! Not Jamie.

The judges are just be prejudice towards Jamie cuz he doesn’t have any tattoos.


I can’t wait to get tattoos on my arms.

By then, Logan will be trying to color them in with paint. :3

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Watching L.A. Ink on Youtube

Gave me a cool idea for a tattoo. 

Also, Kat is badass and I wanna be friends with her :3

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I need more blogs to follow.

Any good blogs out there that like piercings, tattoos, post-hardcore music like A Day To Remember, Confide & Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ?

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