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"Well maybe if she rejected you she does not diserve you. She told you youre not her type BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN that your not good enough it doesnt mean that your ugly cause YOUR NOT. It just means everyone has a type and u dont fit that. But someone out there will like every little thing about you even your flaws! You will be someones type. Never the less you will be many ppls type. Youll go thru breakups till you find the right one! And its just not your time. Some ppl wait a lifetime for love. You just cant chase. You can try. You can rejected. But you dont chase love it comes to you! Keep your head up! Other ppl will be happy & they will be in a relationship but you shouldnt focus to much on them. Yes it hurts but all this hurt will PAY OFF once you find the one. Dont wait around anymore. Liveee your life! Dont keep telling yoursel “when wil i find the one,” because if you do that it wont find you thats a fact you also have to let go of your crush in order for love to find you."


(Source: theycallmetasha)