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Mike keeps pulling these sexual jokes about Gay Ass to me and he just doesn’t understand. Like, ugh. I don’t see her in that way even if that’s how everyone else sees her. I see her as something more. I like her cuz she makes me feeeeeeel. Ugh.

all week i’ve been so emotionally confused towards this girl i’ve liked for over a year now that I want to punch myself in the face really hard

  • -Mom looks at most obvious zit on my face-
  • Mom: Uh, oh. Someone is in love
  • Me thinking: I better fucking not

i want kisses

i want to kiss you

  • Mom: What kind of meat is this?
  • Me: Beef
  • Mom: Taste like human meat
  • Me: How would you know what human meat taste like?
  • Mom: I used to eat you ;)

I had another dream about Gay Ass again, damn it. -____-

My parents are throwing a party and I can’t even get food for myself because how awkward it is with everyone staring at me

Her lack of communication every time we talk makes me want to throw myself off a bridge because I always think it’s my fault and that I’m awkward

Too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep