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My parents are throwing a party and I can’t even get food for myself because how awkward it is with everyone staring at me

Her lack of communication every time we talk makes me want to throw myself off a bridge because I always think it’s my fault and that I’m awkward

Too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep

I just remembered the time I saw Pauline wear her boyfriends football jersey and it broke my heart every time I looked at her that night

I would love to have someone come over often and play video games with me

What’s wrong with me.
I want her
But she makes me sad
I try to move on
But she makes me happy
I don’t matter to her
But she matters to me
What the fuck is wrong with meeee

I always end up liking girls that never notice me. How is this possible

I’m not fucking 5 years old, mom. The only person I want to “snuggle” with in bed is a cute girl I want to have sex with one day. GO AWAY.

Driving my moms car makes me sooooo nervous. Because 1). It’s my moms car and 2). It’s a fucking Lexus.

So my mom made me make her a skype account so she can video chat her class at home. And now she wants me to video chat her class from her iPad and video tape it with her broken camera while she goes out. Wtf

You see the kind of bullshit I have to put up with -____-