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Ugh, this fucking game

My brother bought me Riptide.
Yayy :3

I can’t fucking kill the chef in Dead Rising 2

and it’s pissing me off

  • Brother: Here, watch this.
  • -Watches the newest Saints Row 4 trailer-
  • Me: -After the first few seconds- This already looks terrible
  • Me: -After it finishes- That was so terrible! How can they screw up so bad? ! This is suppose to be a gangster game, not star wars. That is the wors-
  • Brother: You're probably gonna buy it
  • Me: I'm probably gonna buy it
  • *Hears Kanye West song Power from the tv*
  • Me: Oh no. I know that sound
  • -Expects commercial of new Saint's Row-
  • -Ends up being a car commercial-
  • Me: oh