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I always end up liking girls that never notice me. How is this possible

"How you make life fun and full of joy. I love you so much. You make time fly by and make my heart warm. <3"

"As you fall asleep slowly while in my arms, I would kiss the top of your head gently, hoping my kiss gives you loving wonderful dreams. The love you give me from your loving heart keeps me warm. I have the cornest words of all time. But I try to show my dedicated love to you. I hate myself so much, for I is deeply and madly in love with you."

BRB ripping my eyes out.

It’s raining.

In the middle of fucking July.

why the fuck is it so hard for me to find a job but easy for everyone else

it’s like everyone I know is working except me

what the fuck

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I’m so fucking pissed.

My favorite characters on Lost got killed! And they just got reunited a few episodes ago! I’M SO FILLED WITH RAGE!

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